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GCC Roadshow: Unlocking the Potential of U.S. Poultry

Sep 8 - 12, 2024
Dubai, Qatar, Oman

USAPEEC Participating
Event Type: Training Seminar

A GCC Chef Roadshow is set to take place from September 8 to September 12 in several countries in the region, including Dubai, Qatar, and Oman. Led by expert U.S. Chef David Bonom, the event will feature both theoretical sessions and live cooking demonstrations, followed by a buffet showcasing dishes made with U.S. poultry. Chef Bonom will share insights with attendees, answer their questions, and convey key messages about U.S. poultry. The audience will primarily consist of foodservice professionals, importers, and chefs. This activity aims to highlight the attributes and applications of U.S. poultry to culinary experts and industry participants.

Industry Focus

Chicken, Turkey, Duck
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