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Cold Chain Seminar - Dominican Republic

Aug 22, 2023
Dominican Republic

USAPEEC Participating
Event Type: Training Seminar

USAPEEC, with sponsorship from USB and with support from USDA, will provide a USAPEEC Seminar in Guatemala, Panama, Dominican republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. This year the seminar will be focused on food safety, more specifically:

1. Understanding Listeria monocytogenes: a major food borne pathogen in further processed poultry products
2. Pathogen detection methods: classical vs. molecular
3. Antimicrobial interventions to eliminate Listeria in poultry products.
4. Environmental monitoring program to control Listeria in processing plants.

The Seminar is aimed at the poultry meat processors industry, importers, retail, food services and producers, from Guatemala.

The speaker for this seminar is Amit Morey, with a PhD in Poultry Science (Poultry Processing) from Auburn University, Auburn Alabama. He is a poultry quality scientist with research experience in meat biochemistry, food microbiology, processing technology, as well as process and product development.

For further details of the event please contact Ana Vettorazzi or Rosi Vettorazzi: or

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Chicken, Turkey, Duck
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