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US Dried Egg Educational Seminar with Fukuoka Culinary

Oct 6 - 7, 2020
Fukuoka, Japan

Event Type: Training Seminar

USAPEEC Japan will conduct US dried egg education seminar in Fukuoka Culinary School on October 6th (preparation day) and October 7th (seminar) in Fukuoka. This seminar is funded by AEB. We will have a guest instructor, Chef Yutaka Yamasaki. He is a bakery export and has been working for this educational seminar since 2018. The seminar is from 9:20am to 2:50pm. There are around 23 students participate in this seminar. 

This culinary school (established 2001), offers confectionary and baking disciplines. For the confectionary and bakery course, there are a total of 80 students. We will follow up with our contact at Fukuoka, to determine their interest in this, and pursue next steps.

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