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FoodExpo 2022 shows interest in U.S. poultry in Central Asia

November 14, 2022

Despite serious challenges related to HPAI bans, Central Asian traders and meat processors are demonstrating an increasing interest in U.S. poultry. At the FoodExpo-2022 show in Almaty, the USAPEEC booth has become a platform for meetings between FAS Kazakhstan representatives, USAPEEC, and local importers, distributors, meat processors, HRI, and logistics operators.

The centerfold annual event in the regional food market, FoodExpo, registered a record number of exhibitors this year: 450 companies from 32 countries.

USAPEEC organized a market tour for FAS Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan staff, visiting importers’ cold stores, wholesale as distribution centers, and logistical infrastructure to assess the supply chain and competitive environment for U.S. poultry products.

For more information, see the November 14 edition of MondayLine.