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USAPEEC funds announced

January 8, 2024

USAPEEC received FY2024 budget allocations for the Market Access Program (MAP) and Foreign Market Development (FMD) program, administered by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), this week.

USAPEEC received a slight increase in base MAP funding level, for a budget ceiling in 2024 of $6,365,761. There was a decrease in FMD base funding, for an FMD budget ceiling in 2024 of $1,125,431, a roughly $69,000 decrease from 2023 FMD funding levels.

Sequestration by USDA required 5.7 percent to be taken from the total MAP allocations to the cooperator community, resulting in overall decreases. The reduction in FMD funding was also due to USAPEEC closing the Singapore office in September 2023.

“Our staff works hard to ensure the Unified Export Strategy is sound and aligns with our mission and strategic goals,” said USAPEEC President & CEO Greg Tyler. “In addition to MAP and FMD, USAPEEC will apply for new funding recently announced by USDA that should increase our promotion budget, the Regional Agricultural Promotion Program.”

The Regional Agricultural Promotion Program (RAPP) is a multi-year program that prioritizes Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The first tranche of $300 million is set to be allocated for a projected start date of June 1, 2024.

Of that, $25 million is specifically earmarked for projects in Africa. Ineligible countries for RAPP include China, Hong Kong, Macao, Mexico, Canada, and the EU. USDA-endorsed trade shows (SIAL Paris and ANUGA) are still eligible for funding, even in ineligible countries.

“We are excited about FAS’ new multi-year program, (RAPP), which replaces the Agricultural Trade Program,” said Mulcahy. “The application is due on Feb. 2, and we have been working with the international staff and our partners, such as the American Egg Board and National Turkey Federation, to strategize on activities and budgets.”

USAPEEC encourages members to get involved with planning goals, activities, and how funding is utilized.

That opportunity comes during the 2024 Strategic Planning Conference, which will be held March 18-23 in New Delhi. Registration is open until February 5. This will be the first time USAPEEC has hosted the meeting in India.

In addition to the planning sessions, USAPEEC will host a trade reception and invite local importers, distributors, retailers, and others to meet with attendees. Depending on how many U.S. supplier and trading company members attend, there will be “speed dating” meetings (one-on-one for about 20 minutes each) prior to the trade reception. The conference also has a market tour component, with visits to a cold storage facility, retail markets, and cultural sites.