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USAPEEC adds members

April 3, 2023

The new year has brought in a wave of new members to USAPEEC.

Companies in the trading, associate, and commodity categories have joined the council in the first three months. In addition, twoother companies have rejoined.

The new members include Atlas Food, Coravi Foods, Excellent Meat International Trading, Indian Ocean Export Company, Mediterranean Shipping USA, MG Trading International, Morstowe Sales International, North Carolina Soybean Producers Association, and Three T International.

Also, Jennie-O has rejoined, as has United Source One.

USAPEEC welcomes them all.

USAPEEC Manager, Member Relations Mary Alice Cain said, “As USAPEEC members tackle industry issues including HPAI and worldwide logistical challenges, it is important to have a united and growing voice among stakeholders. Our increase in membership allows for more connections to be made and voices to be heard by leaders in the industry.

“We are grateful for the continued trust in our efforts as an organization and expanded membership numbers thus far for 2023.”

Here is a brief summary of each company’s business with contact information:

Atlas Food: Established in 2020, Atlas Food is a newer player in the food trading market, but it has some 30 years combined experience in the global food trading business. Atlas sources goods from all over the world and offers a variety of products including poultry as well as a variety of services. Contact Thomas Rask at

Coravi Food Consulting: Established in 2015, Coravi Food Consulting is a diverse organization that provides top quality products and service, specializing in poultry and other products, with a team having many years of experience. Contact Andrey Aviles at

Excellent Meat International Trading: Established in 1970, Excellent Meat International Trading is a family-owned and long-established supplier of quality Halaal product based in Cape Town, South Africa. Contact Mark Luff at

Indian Ocean Export Company: Established in 1972, Indian Ocean Export Company works with select and long-term supply partners in South Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America to provide HORECA and retail clients with chilled and frozen products, primal and portion cuts, retail-read ranges, and processed meats. Contact Julie Nolan at

Mediterranean Shipping Company USA: Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Mediterranean Shipping Company is a global leader in transportation and logistics. It is privately owned and was founded in 1970 by Gianluigi Aponte. One of the world’s leading container shipping lines, it has access to an integrated network of road, rail, and sea transport resources across the globe. Contact Harold Cantley at

MG Trading International: A Miami-based meat trading export company for frozen poultry, turkey, pork, and beef, primarily supplied from U.S. and Canadian suppliers and sold to South and Central America customers. Contact Mauricio Salcedo at

Morstowe Sales International: Founded in 1976, with more than 40 years of food industry expertise, Morstowe Sales International is a trading company located in Montreal. The company has developed a network of reliable suppliers and customers from all over the world. Contact Jason Flynn at

North Carolina Soybean Producers Association: A farmer-led state checkoff board, North Carolina Soybean Producers Association is responsible for soy research, marketing, and promotion. The association is the state affiliate of the American Soybean Association and works to educate decision-makers and influencers about soy production and the value chain. Poultry and egg producers are important customers, sustaining soy demand in the region, and are partners in activities. Contact Vicky Clark at

Three T International: Established in 2018 in Hong Kong, Three T focuses on the import of frozen protein products and distribution in China. Contact Archie Wangat