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USAPEEC Mexico launches poultry industry targeted podcast

September 13, 2021

With funding from the Ohio Soybean Council, USAPEEC Mexico this past week launched a poultry industry targeted podcast “Desmenuzando la conversación con USAPEEC” (The title is a play on the word “shredding,” as in shredding chicken, meaning the podcasts get to the bottom of a topic through conversation.). The 30–40-minute program was hosted by USAPEEC Mexico Special Projects Consultant Jaime Gonzalez with various industry professionals discussing topics such as Value-added products, Egg Basics, Non-meat ingredients, Breadings, and Product Trends.

The goal was to provide visibility to USAPEEC within the food processing industry and to identify new processors that show a real interest in developing new further processed poultry products. This digital format was chosen as it has proven to be an effective way to convey key messages to digital consumers.

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