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USAPEEC consumer promotion promotes U.S. chicken in Taiwan

May 9, 2022

USAPEEC conducted a consumer promotion recently at the ToToo Market Square in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The Carrefour Chenggong Store in Kaohsiung had organized a food fair at the ToToo, an open-air market square in front of the Carrefour store.

USAPEEC had two booths at the fair to promote the high-quality image of U.S. chicken products. Educational leaflets and recipe cards were distributed to visitors along with a sample of roasted U.S. chicken thighs. About 3,000 consumers visited the USAPEEC booths. According to a survey, about 90 percent of them gave high scores to U.S. chicken. The event was also covered by seven online news services.

In conjunction with the food fair, Carrefour Store designated a chiller to showcase U.S. chicken products. Patrons of U.S. chicken products can collect a takeaway beverage carrier bag (printed with the U.S. chicken symbol and slogan) at the U.S. chicken counter on presentation of a purchase receipt.

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