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USAPEEC well-represented at this year’s Expo Carnes y Lacteos

March 6, 2023

Expo Carnes y Lacteos, the largest trade show for meat processors in Latin America, was held recently in Monterrey, Mexico, and USAPEEC and its members were well represented.

The secretary of the Mexican Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Víctor Villalobos, and the president of the Mexican Meat Processors Council (CoMeCarne), Ernesto Hermosillo, oversaw the official inauguration of a new edition of Expo Carnes y Lacteos after it was suspended in 2021 due to the pandemic. The opening ceremony included speeches by Villalobos, Hermosillo, Juan Cortina, president of the Mexican Agricultural Council (CNA), and Jose Abugaber, president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN).

USAPEEC’s double-decker pavilion, sponsored by United Soybean Board (USB), hosted 12 USAPEEC members: AJC International, Alco, Gerber Agri International, Globex International, Intervision Foods, AveYMas, El Más Pollo, Maple Leaf Farms, Mirasco, FoodLink, Arch Distributors, and Vilas & Co.