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U.S. turkey exports soared in value, volume in May; broilers and eggs

July 12, 2021

U.S. turkey exports jumped on the export surge bandwagon in May, joining broilers and eggs in posting eye-popping gains for the month.

Turkey, broiler, and table egg exports soared in both volume and value in May, while exports of egg products increased in value, according to new trade data released by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

Turkey exports in May 2021 were 22,853 metric tons, up 30.7 percent from the same month of last year, thanks largely to increased shipments to Mexico, while export value was $58.3 million, up 53.3 percent.

Broiler exports in May 2021 were 334,327 metric tons, up 16.6 percent from the same month of last year, while export value reached $395.8 million, up 37.9 percent. Shipments to Mexico increased by 115 percent year over year to 96,419 metric tons, while exports to China decreased by

36.7 percent to 36,877 tons (of which 66.1 percent or 24,362 were chicken paws).

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